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I am Joshua MacGuire, aka “Joshua the Psychic” — a clairaudient empathic astrologer. I do readings using a combination of psychic ability, tarot and astrology. A natural skeptic, I will help you apply spiritual concepts and insights in an ultra practical way, giving you the guidance you need to make the right choices in love, career and everything in between. I do readings via phone or Skype, or in-person in the Los Angeles area. To book, check out my services below; for more on my background, see my “all these things that i’ve done” post.

“The Regular”
60-Minute Reading – $200
This reading takes a look at your natal, progressed, solar return, and relocation charts (if you’ve relocated from your birth place) and pinpoints the life lessons you’re going through now. Additionally, we do an overview tarot reading, delving deeper into what’s happening and likely to happen based on the current energies. You can ask questions throughout the reading and at the end, though most is already addressed.

“The Check In”
30-Minute Reading – $120
Do you sense something is bothering you but not sure what it is? Do you feel the universe is trying to tell you something? This reading takes a glimpse at your charts for a snapshot view of what you’re going through now, and also gives an overview “check in” tarot spread to make sure you’re on the right path toward your goals. If you have a particular concern you want addressed, it’s best to bring that up sooner rather than later.

“The Email Reading”
3-Question Reading – $120
Great for when you don’t have the time in your schedule for a reading or want insight in written form you can refer back to. Send up to three questions and, in addition to your own, the time, date and place of birth of other parties involved, as well as pictures.(Helpful but not required). I respond back within three days.

“The Jackpot Question”
1-Question Email Reading – $80

Have to make a decision between one course of action and another? In this reading, I look at X versus Y for you: e.g., “If I quit my job, or if I stay?”; “Should I pursue a relationship with Harry or walk away?” Can also be good for more direct questions: e.g., “Does it look like I’m going to get fired?”; “Should I marry this girl?”; “Is this business partner trustworthy?” etc. Again, helpful to provide others’ birthdate info and pictures, but not required. I respond within three days.

Astro Life Coaching
1 Month – $1500
Going through a transition or want to make some major changes and really step up your game? We’ll talk about once a week via phone or Skype and have check-ins via email when necessary. We’ll use your astrological charts, especially your solar return chart, to help you make the most of the astrological energies available to you this current birthday year. We’ll devise for you a specific, practical plan of action to kick ass in any area of your life, and you’ll benefit from all the metaphysical tricks and tips I know.

Events/Parties/Public Speaking/Emcee
$200/hourly* with a 2-hour minimum
Bump up your event from “good” to “great” and have me there! I can really work a crowd, be it reading cards at your party (in person or via phone or Skype), motivational/inspirational speaking to your audience, or emceeing your event to make sure everyone is having a great time. *Travel and/or hotel expenses not included.

*Note: For all readings, it is helpful though not required to have the date, time, and place of your birth, as well as the city and state you’re currently living in now, and where you may be considering a move to.

**Confidentiality is assured.

***Cleared payment is required before the start of the reading. Contact me via email with any questions and to schedule your reading: 

For legal reasons, this is for entertainment only.




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